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Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is our foundation.  Our office has been providing high quality dentistry for over 30 years, often treating the third generation of patients from the same family.  We pride ourselves on building and maintaining lifelong relationships.

This philosophy of caring and understanding ensures confidence in the care that we provide to our patients.

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Implant Dentistry

Dental implants involve the replacement of a tooth by means of placing a titanium fixture in the jaw which acts as a root. Following the implant treatment, the bone will heal around the implant over a period of 3-4 months. Once the implant has had sufficient time to integrate into the surrounding bone, a crown is placed onto it to restore the area to function.

This procedure has become the most desirable and common modality of treatment in single tooth replacement, providing the adjacent teeth have been minimally or not restored at all.

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Dental Surgery

Dental surgery involves a variety of procedures and may include simple extractions to more complex procedures such as the extraction of wisdom teeth or tissue reshaping for smile enhancement. It also includes the placement of dental implants to replace missing or recently extracted teeth.

Through his involvement in specialized dental organizations such as the Academy of Osseointegration and through continuing dental education, Dr. Wehbi is well trained in all areas of dental surgery.

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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry deals with managing certain conditions and monitoring others that may become problems in the future. During your check up we not only clean your teeth and check for cavities but we also do a complete evaluation of your mouth, monitor your gums for signs of gum disease AND do an oral cancer screening.

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a serious infection of the tissue that supports your teeth. Even in the cleanest mouth as many as 100,000 bacteria can be present on each tooth surface, but when plaque is present, as many as 1 billion bacteria may be growing on each tooth. Have a look inside your mouth the next time you brush your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth form a sticky film on your teeth that over time results in the build up of plaque and tartar. With time, plaque can spread and advance below the gum line. The bacteria in the plaque produce toxins which not only irritate the gums but affect the bone that supports your teeth resulting in the formation of pockets. As the disease progresses, the pockets deepen and more gum tissue and bone are destroyed. Left untreated, this process can result in teeth becoming loose and having to be extracted.

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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is an integral part of general dentistry. It involves restoring teeth to their original form and function using direct methods (a filling), or indirect methods, whereby a restoration (such as a crown) is fabricated by a dental laboratory.

Restorative dentistry also encompasses an aesthetic component which is primarily devoted to improving the appearance of the teeth using the same applications. A comprehensive assessment is done in order to ensure that each patient is given options that will satisfy both their wants and needs. This area of treatment is very individualized and patient specific and is often pursued in collaboration with other dental professionals.

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Periodontic Treatments

This area of dentistry deals with the supporting bone and tissue surrounding the teeth. Recent research has demonstrated very strong linkages between oral health, oral bacteria and systemic diseases such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

When the contours of the bone change around your teeth due to bone loss and periodontal disease, often tissue surgery is required to encourage better maintenance and long term retention of your natural teeth. A clear understanding of the progression of this problem and commitment to good oral hygiene is required by the patient in this situation.

Though periodontal treatment for bone loss is one area of this specialty, others include tissue grafting and recontouring. Dr. Wehbi works closely with other dental specialists to ensure that favorable results are achieved.

Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatment

Endodontics is the area of dentistry that involves the diagnosis and treatment of the pulp or nerve of the tooth. This treatment is sometimes required as a result of trauma, decay that is in close proximity to the nerve (causing infection), fractures or repeated dental procedures on a tooth. This treatment allows for the preservation of the tooth as opposed to the extraction of it, however, it does often require a further restorative procedure to protect it afterwards.

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